ZimaRima Drops Two Albums Today

I will be dropping two Albums in the music stores today.
Firstly –
After digitizing the ”Lullaby” Album, I have decided to wear it a new face. To meet with the (world music distributor) DISTROKid Standards.
It’s been a long time coming.. Now It’s Official !!!!

Secondly –
”The 989 Experience”
This Album comes as a musical reflection of my EXPERIENCE in 989 STUDIO (North Kaneshi_ Accra, Ghana) While under the auspices of Drspooky Beatz (Manager and sound Producer) & Jamal Abdul Nassar El-Mattary (CEO).
To this day…
I am eternally thankful to you Guys for being a pillar and a force to reckon with in my life and musical carrier. I bless God for his continual blessings, divine inspiration & endurance through the time.
To all my fellow artistes who I worked with on different projects (Jimmy Black, Lil’Dizzie Opats Femi, Street King, Daniel Emem Ufot (Bota Boi), Kofi Kymani, Kento Gh, Pope Skinny, Five-Five, Lyrical Profet, Okra Tom Dawudi, Episode and so much more) I am forever grateful and I cherish the memories, the bond and the unquenchable light of music we have lit in the world.
To all my avid fan, follower and supporters, Thank You All so much for giving me the chance and a reason to move on.

The Albums (EP) will be available in all music store worldwide.

ZimaRima set to release another sad love song.

ZimaRima is set to release another song. This latest single from the musician comes after much pressure from fans around the world urging the young musician to record a song that is based on reality. Owing to the fact that Zima is a live performer. He decided to step into his studio and self produce a masterpiece called ”WE NEED LOVE” 
The song focuses on the ills and unusual happenings in the society today. In this great song, he preaches love, tolerance and the way forward for humanity. The release date for the single is set for 31th December 2018 and it would also be available in all music platforms and social medias around the world.

Watch out:

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