‘LULLABY’ – finally digitized

Due to popular demand, I have decided to drop the ”LP”” of my first solo studio Album ”Lullaby” for downloads on social media.

But first of all, here; I want to say a few things. I give special thanks to the Almighty God for life, good Health and Wealth, and for my very supportive Family, Friends and Fans all over God’s green earth. You Guys are wonderful and thank you for been with me from day one.

The Album ”LULLABY”” would not have been made possible but for the (timely) Moral and Financial support of my uncle – Ernest Akuenwebe Ikeh (aka: CHIBWAY) who took me the studio for the very first time (in my life) after hearing me perform some songs I wrote while playing the guitar. (That was 2008 and a decade after, I have written over 100 songs and recorded over 50 singles & 3 unreleased ‘EP’s .. so far, it has been a wonderful journey and am glad I am still here doing the things I love)

Lullaby was initially recorded by Engineer Spooky @ Sound Central Studio- Calabar, and Mixed by Engineer Richie @ Multi-Concept studio- Onitsha_ Anambra State.

It was released under the record outfit of Chibway and Sons and marketed by :AHBU VENTURES
:CHIDON INVESTMENSTS and a host of others.

It is a 8-track album with an intro and outro respectively.

Here are the list of songs on the Album:
1) Intro
2) Angel of my life
3) Enter the motor (ft) Mark -NuSkool
4) Queen of my heart
5) Mama Africa
6) Hallo
7) Changed man
8) Survival (War of the Worlds)
9) Don’t cry
10) Outro

-It was a perfect start for me coming from the background of a novice; more so it is worth saying that ”LULLABY” opened a lot of doors to me and also brought me a lot of fame and exposure for wish I am forever indebted to my defunct management ‘EJIMJIK’ comprising – Jude Okoye and Prince Uche Okonkwo for their auspicious support and resourcefulness.

I remain grateful to everyone who bought and are still buying my audio CDs at the marketing stores. To my fans around the world, I am giving an equal opportunity by releasing the songs on a digital platform.


ZimaRima Music Launches WebSite

On this day -19th of April 2018, the management of Zimarima Music International launches her official website solely for the promotion of entertainment across the globe.
This prestigious record label with a track record of achievements in discovering and developing talents around it’s environs is fast becoming a house hold name in the music sector, especially in West Africa.
The record label which also owns a recording studio is proud to announce that it intends to use this avenue to help young talents and celebrities achieve their dreams and reach more heights.
With this in mind, we encourage our faithful readers, followers and fans to stay connected with us as we hope to bring you the best of entertainment updates, news, celebrity gossips, interviews, newly discovered artiste, date for events & shows, and a lot more.
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