ZimaRima drops another bombastic one “OMO NAIJA” a
unique reggae tune with a strong inspirational
Here he expresses his willingness to represent where
he comes from with all pleasure no matter the
Still wondering why Zima who is believed to be a staunch Biafra agitator decides to sing about Nigeria?
Well Download the song below and find out.
ZimaRima- Omo Naija-(MixedBy. ZimaRima)


ZimaRima is out to make a statement with a new song ”UNKNOWN LANGUAGE” which is already receiving a lot of reviews from friends on social media.
The ROMANTIC CALL crooner insists that with his new smash hit single UNKNOWN LANGUAGE, he intends to break barriers and bring in something new into the music industry; something he believes has never been heard or seen before.
The song which was recorded by the artiste himself (ZimaRima) with a beat from SouthAfrica is set to take over the music industry like a plague.
Since after recording the song, fans from all over the world have called in for the song to be released.
So on this note, we the management at ZimaRimaMusic.Website have decided to release the song to the public:

Download and Enjoy:
ZimaRima- Unknown Language -Prod. ZimaRima


The popular Nollywood, Ghallywood actor turned
musician Evangelist Johannes Maier is set to release
his official gospel single “My God Is Good“.
ZimaRima caught up with him on social media and had a little
chitchat when the iconic actor revealed he has been
working tirelessly hard off camera. His fond love for
music has inspired him to step into the studio with
one of the best sound engineers in Ghana Hydraulix
Fonye to bring his fans a soulful and inspiring gospel
masterpiece called “MY GOD IS GOOD” which also
features Tony Tee. It is undoubtedly clear that Maier
is a successful and well established actor in the
movie industry. With his level of success and
achievement in acting, we hope the music industry
favors him as well. Until now, it is not still clear
if Maier has quitted acting, but the truth still
remains that his fans are waiting to have him back in
the big scene and as an alternative; patronize his
music (to see the stuff he is made of) once it is
released to the public domain.
Stay connected with zimarimamusic.website as we will bring you exclusive update and information on the song release and other
news about Maier.

ZimaRima Music Launches WebSite

On this day -19th of April 2018, the management of Zimarima Music International launches her official website solely for the promotion of entertainment across the globe.
This prestigious record label with a track record of achievements in discovering and developing talents around it’s environs is fast becoming a house hold name in the music sector, especially in West Africa.
The record label which also owns a recording studio is proud to announce that it intends to use this avenue to help young talents and celebrities achieve their dreams and reach more heights.
With this in mind, we encourage our faithful readers, followers and fans to stay connected with us as we hope to bring you the best of entertainment updates, news, celebrity gossips, interviews, newly discovered artiste, date for events & shows, and a lot more.
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